Berlin-based dancer and

model Paolo Busti  shows

our Summer 2021

collection in motion 

Our latest collection captures the freedom and colour of summer’s warmest days – endless blue skies and sun-drenched beaches, the feeling of setting off in one place and ending up in another. After a year of stasis, we wanted to remember how it felt to be on the move again. 

Photographed on the beaches of Essaouira, Italy-born, Berlin-based dancer Paolo Busti shows the Summer 2021 collection, inspired by our founders’ global travels, in the way it was designed to be worn – in motion. “It gives me peace, calm and happiness,” he says of being by the ocean, the place in the world he feels most free.

From walks in Berlin’s forests to returning home to family in the south of Italy, Paolo tells SMR Days where else he goes to escape.

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started in dance?

My first encounter with dance was when my mum took me to her Latin American dance lessons that she took at the time, I must have been seven years old. I didn’t take it very seriously but the music and atmosphere was kind of fun, and a few years later I decided to go to ballet school.

You grew up in Italy. What do you miss about home? 

The sun, the weather and all my family members around me.

How did you end up in Berlin? 

I did an audition for a theatre in Berlin and got offered the contract. I didn’t choose Berlin and frankly did not like it very much in the beginning. Germans and Italians are very different people! My love for the city grew slowly over the years and now I feel at home and happy to live here. 

Was it your first time living away from home?

I left home when I was 13 years old to study dance in a professional ballet school in Naples, Teatro San Carlo, far away from my small hometown in the south of Italy, so I adapted early to a life by myself.

What do you like about Berlin now?

The freedom that you can choose whoever you want to be, the culture, the unpretentiousness in people and the space and calm the city offers.


What’s your favourite way to spend a day in the city?

At the moment I enjoy long walks in Grunewald, one of the forests in the city.

As a dancer and model, how has the last year been? 

As a dancer it was tough as the theatre was closed for almost a year. It was nice to have a balance with modelling though, I did some interesting shoots and had the possibility to travel. 

This shoot took place in Morocco – was it your first time there?

No, I love Morocco and have been there multiple times.

Do you have a memory of the shoot?

It almost did not feel like work but more like a beautiful day at the beach with friends. We ended up cleaning the beach plastic after the shoot and enjoyed a stunning sunset. 

SMR Days is all about travel. What is your favourite place to visit in the world, and why? 

I don’t have one favourite place, there are so many that I cannot even get started. But of course coming home to Italy always feels the best.

Where’s a place you haven’t been but you really want to? 
I would like to experience a safari in Africa, to see animals in the wild must be an emotion that would stay with you forever. I was going to go last year but for Covid reasons it was no longer possible, but I will do everything to make it happen soon! I love to make dreams come true.

What will we always find packed in your suitcase? 

An analog camera which belonged to my grandfather in the 60s.

This season at SMR Days is about freedom, and escape. Where do you feel most free? 

By the ocean, it’s where I come from and spent most of my childhood. It gives me peace, calm and happiness.