Cory Vitiello’s Instagram account is a colourful diary of the Canadian restaurateur and chef’s culinary explorations, which have taken him from Italy to India. A familiar face in his native Canada – where he started his career aged 15 running a catering business from his parent’s house – he has appeared on numerous television shows, as well as opening a slew of award-winning restaurants (most recently, Flock, where rotisserie and greens are on the menu). Here, he tells us where he heads for inspiration, and why his next vacation will be spent close to home.

Do you have plans for travel once we are able to move more freely? Where’s next on your bucket list?

My partner Martina and I have decided to explore more of our own country before we jump back on a plane abroad – starting with a deep dive into the Maritime provinces on the east coast.

What do you miss the most about travelling?

My best friend Aidan lives in California – I’ll be getting on a plane to visit him once it’s deemed safe. Aside from seeing him, I miss the anticipation, planning and excitement leading up to an epic trip.

What is your favourite holiday purchase – or find – and what makes it special?

Years ago I bought a dozen hand-painted terracotta serving platters in Syracuse, filling my one and only carry-on bag for the remainder of my trip. Well spent real estate, I use them at home every single day now.

Have you made a meal recently that’s transported you to somewhere you’ve visited? What was it?

I spent time with a brilliant cook while travelling in India three years ago. His name was Jivi Sethi and I will never forget him. I had the privilege of staying in his jungle home in Goa – he was an immaculate host. He taught me how to make several of his cherished dishes, including poha, a fragrant regional rice dish. It is a dish and memory I often recreate.

What’s your go-to flying outfit?

Sneakers, jeans and a hoodie.

Who is your favourite travel companion and why?

Obviously my partner, Martina. She’s fluent in Italian and gets by on a few other languages. But primarily, she shares my love of restaurants, cooking and culture.

What from your normal grooming routine do you skip on holiday?

Regardless of the duration, I don’t bother packing my shaving gear on trips. I’ll shave prior to leaving and that’s that. Three days or three weeks, I’ll just let it go.

What’s your must-have tech on vacation?

My kindle.

How much activity do you like to do on holiday? Do you like to rest and relax or do you need constant action?

I’m all action – I love a beautiful beach but I max out after a couple hours of relaxing and crave a day trip.

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