Meet Buddy, the energetic canine companion of SMR Days’ creative director Dan May. A golden retriever, he shares his owner’s love of travel – find Buddy dreaming of the beaches of East Hampton or exploring remote Scottish islands – and says the best way to beat jet lag is with a steak on arrival. Here, he tells us (via a feat of dog-human telepathy) what else he’s learnt along the way.

Travelling right now can only be done in our imaginations. But when you dream about somewhere special, somewhere you love and can’t wait to return to, where is it?

I dream about going back to East Hampton, where I spent two months when I was a puppy. Swimming in the ocean every morning, visiting friends’ houses, hanging out on Main Street… take me back!

What do you miss the most about travelling?

New smells, meeting other dogs – who knows when romance will strike?

What’s your go-to flying outfit?

As long as I have a T-shirt of my dad’s to chew on and keep me company, I’m pretty content.

Before we stopped travelling, what were your last three duty-free purchases?

Vodka, Crème de la Mer, and the new Hilary Mantel.

Describe your dream rental car...

Any car without a roof, thanks!

What’s your favourite beach in the world?

Shoe Bay on Eilean Shona in Scotland.

What’s in your beach bag?

A tennis ball, treats – Millie’s are my favourite – and my bucket hat for the sun.

Do you have a routine to beat jet lag? What is it?

Plenty of water and a good steak on arrival.

How much activity do you like to do on holiday – are you a flop down and rest person or do you need constant action?

I need constant action, all the time. Do you want to play frisbee?

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