From Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Berlin to Jaipur, and just about everywhere in between, Damien Nunes finds his inspiration travelling the world. Which means that the former fashion editor of GQ, who now spots trends at GAP, knows more than his fair share about avoiding jet lag, what to put in your suitcase and where you should spend your summers. Next on his list? Anywhere but his apartment.

What is your go-to holiday destination?

Literally anywhere but my apartment please. Joke! Coastal towns near Marseille, France.

What’s a memorable item you’ve bought – or found – on your travels?

A crystal pendant necklace I bought in Provincetown at Loveland. I’ve spent so much money on crystals and rocks on my travels – this one, at least, is wearable.

What’s your dream rental car?

A vintage convertible – preferably on a winding road in coastal Italy.

Was there ever a time when the journey was actually better than the destination?

Travelling through Costa Rica with one of my favorite travel companions, Emma Astner, while we were in college. Instead of flying we took buses across the country and were both too young to worry or kvetch about anything – instead, we were just grateful to be in the beautiful landscape among the locals.

Tell us about your worst holiday hangover.

Victor Glemaud’s legendary ’Rave’ in Paris, circa 2006.

What three items do you always pack in your suitcase, regardless of where you’re travelling to?

Bose noise-cancelling headphones, Xanax and comfortable lounging shorts.

Do you have a routine to beat jet lag? What is it?

Stay up as long as I can and work out as soon as possible. Limit any disco naps to an hour or so!

So many of us are taking a digital detox when we travel – is this something you ever do?

Nah – why fight it?!

What’s your holiday activity level – flop down and relax or are you in need of constant action?

I am learning to enjoy both. I tend to lean more toward the resort flop down, massage every day, swim up to the bar kind of trip but luckily I’m with someone who is a Powerpoint-making planner who loves to see all the sights. We balance each other out.

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