Photographer Darren Gerrish is a familiar fixture on London’s party scene, capturing those from the echelons of film, music and fashion at play (accordingly, you’ll find his pictures in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fairet al). With nightlife halted for the time being, Gerrish is sheltering at home re-watching the classics of French cinema, and dreaming of IRL French summers, spent in the perfect hotel he has discovered just outside of Marseille – though exactly where that is, he’s sworn to secrecy.

How are you fulfilling your wanderlust while in lockdown?

I am following the fashion illustrator David Downton and Tony Glenville on Instagram for tales of fashion, couture – stories I love. I’m also taking time to watch all the French classics from Les Enfants du Paradis to La Piscine. Also, the French TV series called The Bureau– just brilliant.

What do you miss the most about travelling?

The sun, the sun, the sun and the sun!

Where is next on your bucket list?

I’m afraid it’ll be the same places – Marseille and then there’s a place just east of the city too.

What is the hotel you keep returning to, and what makes it special?

Sorry, but I can’t tell you! I’m sworn to secrecy but it’s my favourite place in all the world – rocks to dive off all day; the best hotel and village. It’s like the south of France in the 1930s.

What is the best thing you have bought – or found – on holiday?

I love buying white worker’s jackets from Maison Empereur in Marseille.

Have you made a meal recently that’s transported you to somewhere you’ve visited? What is it?

I made bouillabaisse – I make a killer one – it reminds me of Chez Michel in Marseille, the best bouillabaisse in the world.

What’s your dream rental car?

Open-top Fiat 500.

Was there ever a time when the journey was actually better than the destination?

When I went by train and boat all the way from London to Marrakech.

Who is your favourite travel companion and why?

Me – I can do whatever I want, no plans, no concessions.

Describe your most memorable holiday fling...

I met my wife – now ex – in Paris, then trained through France to southern Spain.

What’s your favourite holiday drink – and where can you get the best version of it?

Pastis Piscine – a huge bulb glass full of ice and then pour your usual Pastis – at Vallon des Auffes.

Do you have a routine to beat jet lag? What is it?

Stay up and then go straight to the pub at 6pm – drown it in booze!

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