David Thielebeule is regularly caught by the flashbulbs of street-style photographers for his own impeccably curated wardrobe, making him a familiar face on the fashion circuit – but you’ll more likely find him behind the scenes, where he has been setting fashion’s agenda for over 15 years. Here, he shares how he spends his downtime.

What hotel do you keep returning to, and what makes it special?

Miami is a favourite weekend destination and The Standard is my favourite hotel in town. It’s 20 minutes from the airport, the rooms are chic and simple and the pool doesn’t allow kids –  a big bonus point in my book.

Describe the best meal you’ve had on holiday.

Last summer in Deià we hiked to Sa Foradada for lunch. The trek was considerably longer and steeper than expected which made the meal, and the incredible views, even more memorable.

What’s your favourite holiday drink – and where can you get the best version of it?

My go-to drink is always a margarita. The best is at the fabled Hemingway Bar at The Ritz in Paris.

What’s your favourite beach in the world?

I go to Provincetown every summer. Herring Cove and the epic trek over the dunes to get there will always have a special place in my heart.

What mistake do you always make when packing?

Perpetually over-packing! This summer I want to leave a few things in my closet at home and save room for the treasures you find along the way.

What movie has the best resort style?

The Talented Mr Ripleyforever.

Best suncare?

As little as possible.

Any tips for avoiding jet lag?

Never nap and hit the gym upon arrival if possible. I also like to plan something special that will keep me out late on the first night of a holiday to get acclimated quickly.

Do you ever take a digital detox when travelling?

I have a ‘post, but don’t scroll’ policy when traveling for pleasure – I’d rather be staring out the window than staring at Instagram.

What’s the ideal holiday activity level?

I am inherently a planner so I like to have some things on the schedule, but downtime is important too. Somedays a long lunch and a hammock are all the scheduling necessary.

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