For over two decades Gareth Scourfield has been telling Britain’s men how to dress – first at British GQand Esquire, then on the red carpet, with celebrity clients from Daniel Craig to Richard Madden. Here, the fashion veteran – whose work has taken him across the globe and back again – imparts his pearls of travel wisdom, from the three things you will always find in his suitcase (clue: once a stylist, always a stylist) to how to avoid a holiday hangover.

As travel starts to begin again, where can’t you wait to return to?

I was lucky enough to experience a four-day holiday at the The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj in Istria, Croatia last June. It’s right on the marina, rising up out of the deep blue Adriatic sea. The interior is an oasis of calm – lots of sandblasted stone and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, designed by Italian architect Piero Lissoni. The town itself, with its cobbled streets and faded buildings, is like stepping into the most fantastically preserved film set. I was keen to go back this summer and explore some of the smaller remote islands off the coast of Rovinj. I also want to go back and experience the magic of Puntulina, a small family-run restaurant where the best tables are perched on the rocks; you can watch the sunset as you eat the meatiest scallops.

What do you miss about travelling?

I miss the routine of packing. I have OCD tendencies, so I always like to plan properly before travelling, working out outfits and seeing how economical I can be with them – I haven’t quite managed a week away with just hand luggage yet, though. Also, just the sheer anticipation of going back to a familiar place or a new destination to be explored and discovered.

Where is next on your bucket list?

We were due to take a holiday to the west coast of America this July and August – a coastal road trip from San Francisco to LA. I was planning on places to stop over and what the best rental car would be for a family of four. That’s all been put on hold for now. Maybe we can still fit a trip back to Croatia before the end of the year? Just anywhere really that is warm and not far from the sea!

What’s your go-to flying outfit?

I travel a lot with my job, so getting a good outfit that is both comfortable and acceptable when flying has always been important. I now tend to opt for a pair of navy cotton ‘24 hour’ trousers by L’Estrange, a white T-shirt and a navy knitted jacket – like a cardigan, but smarter. Then usually a white pair of trainers from Veja, or Stan Smiths. It’s perfect comfort clothing and feels a bit more elevated than a regular tracksuit.

Do you have a routine to beat jet lag? What is it?

I always pack my gym kit into my hand luggage in case my checked luggage goes missing, so I can go straight to the gym – either just to stretch out and relax my body from the long-haul flight or a more vigorous workout to get my energy levels up, depending on the time of day. I also travel with a bottle of Anatome Recovery + Sleep essential oil. It never fails to get me off to a good night’s sleep.

What three items do you always pack in your suitcase, regardless of where you are travelling?

My hand-held steamer! Once a stylist, always a stylist. I’ve also come to rely on Dr Jackson’s products, especially their face wash and everyday oil. They smell so good and are packed full of natural essential oils. And a pair of swimming shorts – I love to swim, whether it’s the sea or a pool, and if the hotel has a spa then that’s always a bonus.

Tell us about your worst holiday hangover?

It was some years ago now – there have probably been more since, but this was a hangover on an industrial scale. I was probably in my late twenties and a group of friends had hired a villa in Alcudia, Majorca. We decided after a late-night barbecue to take our drinks onto the beach and watch the sunrise. It was probably the longest stint of drinking I’ve ever done. I can’t remember much about the sunrise, but I do recall my biggest hangover being made worse by the beating sun the next day. Swimming in the clear refreshing sea was the only thing that helped ease the pain away!

Who – or what – is your favourite travel companion?

I would have to say it’s my Globetrotter suitcase. I bought it with one of my first paychecks when I was at GQ magazine. That was over 20 years ago! It’s travelled the world with me ever since. I started adding stickers from the countries I visited some years after I bought it, so it holds a lot of memories of my worldly travels. It also doesn’t answer back and has never got lost!

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