Mark Moffitt has been part of SMR Days since the very beginning. Working alongside our founders, the Sydney-based creative agency Moffitt.Moffitt – founded by Mark and his twin brother Andrew – helped create the visual identity which shapes SMR Days. They are also proof of our motto that it’s ‘always summer somewhere’ – their Southern Hemisphere summer arriving in the midst of our own winter. As 2021 begins – and plenty of wardrobe choices with it, as we hopefully emerge from a life lived at home – we sent Mark our Resort collection as he heads back to work in Sydney, Australia, a city with perhaps the best work-life balance in the world.

It’s the beginning of a new year – what’s your back-to-work wardrobe?

I keep it relaxed and simple but know I have to transition throughout the day between corporate and creative worlds – SMR Days’ Blue and White Cuban-Collar Shirt, Scallop-Print Tunic Shirt and Single-Pleat Cotton trousers will all be on heavy rotation this January.

Talk us through your usual working day...

Business starts at the beach. In summer, I’m particularly lucky to kick off most mornings with a soft-sand run down at Bondi. Three parts exhaustion, two parts meditation spread over four hard-earned laps – plus a dip – it prepares me for any tough stuff the day will deliver. Add coffee and I’m ready to dig through the first wave of emails at a pre-office café visit somewhere in Surry Hills.

Arriving at the studio I’ll check in with the clone – that’s Andrew Moffitt. I’m lucky enough to be in business with my twin brother. We cut the chit chat and get straight to dividing and conquering the day – generally a steady mix of strategy workshops, board presentations, endless video calls and team creative direction. Throw in a brotherly lunchtime walk, comfort snacks, team gossip, a client drink or ten and then home to my lifetime co-stars – beautiful Daye and sweetest Pompeii, my wife and dog respectively.

I’m not done yet – mid-week summer evenings are made of three essentials: harbourside strolls for two, plus Pompeii, backyard barbecues – with or without guests – and always a mind-clearing watering of the garden before bed. Yawn.

What’s the work-life balance like in Sydney?

It’s a cliche, but we really do work hard and play hard down here. Living costs are high but add the harbour, beaches, natural surroundings, great food and friends and your stress levels should keep on the low side. Among my father’s best advice was: “if you’re stressed, swim it out”. He’s right. A swim in any one of our surrounding waterways brings clarity, calm and beauty.

Let us in on an Australian brand that the rest of the world should know about...

Not fashion, but try INBED. I played a small part in helping two close friends bring this linen and homewares brand into the world a few years back. Comfortable, effortless and creative – their range looks and feels uncomplicated and at ease.

Where’s next on your bucket list?

Patagonia was on the 2020 list. It’s now on the post-Covid list. But really, I’d be happy with any destination in Oz at the moment. We’re thankful to be stuck in a relatively healthy happy place down here… for now.

Tell us a travel lesson you’ve learnt…

It’s obvious, but travel light and drink even lighter. Don’t be seduced by the business club bar. People use the phrase ‘drinks on arrival’ not ‘drinks on departure’. There’s a reason.

What’s your travel uniform?

Comfort is king, but not an excuse to be a slob – SMR’s Navy Grandad Shirt and White Broad Stripe Trousers strike the right balance. And you’ll never ever, ever, ever catch me with a neck pillow.

What’s your favourite beach in the world?

Tough question. Every beach has a character of its own. Some are social, some are secluded. I’ll cheat and give you two favourites – my weekly is Nielsen Park, a charming harbour beach in Sydney. Apart from the stunning outlook, I love seeing every kind of Sydney-sider turn up and enjoy our lucky lifestyle. Outside of Australia it would be Formentera, an island that lies just south of Ibiza. It’s more chilled and more beautiful than it’s northern cousin, I spent a magical week exploring it’s beaches.

Who is your favourite travel companion and why?

My wife Daye. I plan all our trips but she powers them with the spontaneity, energy and elegance that I adore. And her in-flight stand up routines are second to none!

So many of us are taking a digital detox when we travel. Is this something you’ve done?

Interesting. It depends on your perspective on ‘digital’. Digital tools have made travel easier than ever. I use my devices to improve my holidays, not distract me while on them. Whether it’s a meditation app, audio book or the occasional email, I find my digital habits are healthy ones when abroad. If you’re posting a lot of social media while away, that’s OK too. But I’d think of it more as a personal recording of a journey – because no one really cares about your sixth perfect sunset shot Miranda.

How much activity do you like to do on holiday – do you like to chill out and relax, or do you need constant action?

Equal parts really. I like to start each holiday with adventure and end with escapism. I’m active, so I look to do something challenging, knowing I’ll always end up poolside with a good book and spa menu.

What’s your favourite holiday drink – and where can you get the best version of it?

Beer. Ice cold. In the snow, by the sea – I’ll try any local brew. Did I say ice cold?

Before we stopped traveling, what were your last three duty-free purchases?

I always buy these three things at any departure terminal: champagne for arrival, fragrance – the best disguise for jet lag is the smelling part – and a book, always non-fiction, something plane- and pool-worthy.

Describe your dream rental car…

For the desert a Defender, for the coast a convertible anything, for the city I like to keep it small, and for the country, something German. Starts with a ‘P’.

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