With world travel on pause, Rainer Andreesen finds himself exactly where he wants to be: at home in Sag Harbour, where he can cycle to the beach and paint for his upcoming show in peace. Here, the artist and model tells SMR Days why he’s living his bucket list every day – and the cocktail you’ll always find in his beach bag.

Travel can only be done in our imaginations right now. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?

If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be exactly where I am – in the Hamptons, Sag Harbour, New York where I paint, go to the beach on my bike and enjoy life. It has not been a big change for me aside from travelling for work – I am really just thinking about everyone on the front lines, though.

Do you have plans for travel once lockdown is over? Where is next on your bucket list?

I live in my bucket list and hope to rarely travel.

How are you filling your days in lockdown?

I’m painting for my upcoming show, which will be announced once this mess is all over. I am also watching the British detective series Scott and Bailey, and catching up on some documentaries and movies while waiting for paint to dry.

What is the hotel you keep returning to, and what makes it special?

My favourite hotel is Covent Garden Hotel in London. The staff are incredible and the location is prime for my theatre, museum and shopping visits.

What is your favourite thing you have bought – or found – on holiday?

It has to be a collection of Murano glass bottles from an incredible trip to northern Italy. They have outlasted every purge for the past 30 years and that is a miracle.

Describe the best meal you’ve had on holiday...

There are many – pizza in Italy, sushi in Hawaii, tikka masala in India, but the best vacation meal would have to be [when I spent] a week on a boat in the Bahamas – every single meal was perfection.

What’s your favourite beach in the world?

My favourite beach in the world is in Amagansett, New York in front of my friend’s beach house where I can take a shower, eat, drink and be left alone – most of the time. I can spend a good ten hours there.

What’s in your beach bag?

In my beach bag is always a container of vodka, seltzer and two sets of headphones along with my phone – and a back-up vodka.

What’s your favourite holiday drink? And where can you get the best version of it?

My favourite holiday drink is a caipirinha and the best place to have it is on the beaches of Brazil. The best beach drink ever! Like a healthy acid trip.

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