What’s the place in the world that means the most to you? And what would you do if you were there, right now? That’s the question this month on SMRDays.com – last week, we asked four photographers the places they’ll never forget, and the pictures they took whilst they were there. For us, the question might prove impossible: after all, our founders Adam Shapiro, Dan May, and Gautam Rajani built SMR Days around their own travels, from long Balearic days in hidden Ibizan coves to the cool Atlantic waters of America’s East Coast, and India, where our collections are created.

But it was Morocco where we chose to test drive our first collection, in the vast expanse of desert just outside of Marrakech amid endless blue skies – and just as endless sunshine. Where could be better? Here, featuring the model Armando Cabral and photographs by Tom Craig, we open our scrapbook from the trip, looking back to days spent in the sun – and forward to even brighter days ahead.